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Lisbon Attractions

You probably do not know much about Lisbon information yet but believe us soon it will be your new favourite city! Let us explain why Lisbon is definitely the best city to choose for your Erasmus. What is there to do in Lisbon? What should you do and see? Where should you eat? Where are the best viewpoints? What is the cost of living in Lisbon? Where are the beaches? How does the transportation work? How to get home at night? Scroll down to find an answer to all these questions and learn more about our beautiful city!
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Lisbon Transportation - Erasmus Life Lisboa


The arrival to Lisbon Are you going to be an exchange student in this awesome city? Sure you have lots of questions, and we are going to answer all of them in the “Life in Lisbon” section. For now let’s start with the basics: 1. most of you will arrive in Lisbon by plane, which
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