Combo Pack

What does it include?

The Erasmus Combo pack is your essential pack to start your life in Lisbon, it includes everything that comes your erasmus card pack (Sim card, Transportation Voucher, Pink street take over Ticket, Erasmus Life Lisboa Card) plus it also comes with the first month of your portuguese sim card already charged and activated with 1Gb internet + 5 Gb exclusive for Youtube & Spotify + Unlimited internet for your favorite communication apps: Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Viber, Skype, imessage & facetime.

Erasmus Card

So... What's this?

First of all, if you are checking this page it probably means you are or are about to be an Erasmus student in Lisbon... Congratulations!
We are sure that you will love our city and it will love you too, and by the end of your exchange period you will call it home and never want to leave! We want to help make this experience even better and here you can find some information about our erasmus card, that has been the card of choice of over 20.000 students in the last 4 years! To put it simply, our card gives you access to over 100 trips, 200 local activities and 300 parties that we organize over the year!

Not only Erasmus students can enjoy our amazing events, trips and parties. If you are in Lisbon for your internship, master studies or anything else you can still be a part of our family! Every international student/worker is more than welcome to visit us at Erasmus Corner to get all the help you need and to make your Erasmus Life Lisboa card.

Do you need to participate in the trips, activities and parties? Yes, our trips and most of our activities are exclusive to members. The Erasmus Life Lisboa card is also the only Erasmus Card that grants you free entrance to the major clubs in Lisbon such as PLACE, MusicBox and Lust in Rio.

Transportation Card

This transportation card will take you to the next level of transportation in Lisbon, it includes all the Lisbon public transports**: bus, metro, trains and trams which will take you from your home to your university and from your university to the parties (and back home)!

The form to make your transportation card is included in your combo pack so when you arrive to Lisbon just stop by Erasmus Corner to pick it up! You will then just need to go to your closest metro station and request it!

Did you know that you can have 25% discount in your monthly transportation plan? This is only available for university students under 23 years old. For this you will require a specific form (which you can get at our office) that your university needs to then stamp, stating that you are a student there.

What else comes with the Erasmus Card?

Well, you'll get a SIM Card as well with lots of internet

This is a pre-paid sim card that allows to have 5GB for Youtube & Spotify + unlimited texts and 1000 minutes to any Portuguese phone number. Unlimited internet as well for the following Apps: Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Facetime, iMessage, Blackberry Messenger and Instagram. Plus 1 GB internet for anything else like Gmail or surfing the web. All of that for only 10€/month.

Well you also get discount in over 50 partners of Erasmus Life Lisboa, such as surf schools, gym, restaurants, barber shops... You can check it all out in our Partners & Discounts tab.

Are you ready to join the Erasmus Life Lisboa full experience?

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