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February 21st

Let's try Portuguese wine and cheese!

February 22nd

Are you brave enough to join us?

February 23rd

Let's meet and eat!

February 24th

Let's go dance!

February 25th

Discover the beautiful city of Sintra!

February 27th

Party with us on the famous Pink Street!

February 28th


Join the ELL Surf family to Caparica!

March 3rd - 4th

Discover the capital of North Portugal!

March 18th

One of the most ancient cities in Europe!

March 23rd - 25th

Seville, Córdoba & Gibraltar

April 1st

Discover portuguese history & culture!

April 15th

Let's play football!

April 28th - May 1st


Unforgettable days and nights.

May 5th

Let’s paddle on Tagus river together!

May 12th


Legendary experience on the Tagus river.

May 19th - 20th


Escape from the city life into the wild!

May 27th

Are you ready for the craziest day?

December 9th

 Visit biggest oriental garden in Europe!


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