Telecom Service: Everything you need to know about financial services before you arrive Lisbon


Erasmus Life Lisboa offers you the best option in terms of SIM card: NOS WTF.

Why is it the best?

Because it has a monthly fee of only 11,80€, you will get to call (1000 MINUTES!!!) and text (unlimited) all your erasmus friends for free, if they also have Portuguese SIM card!!! And with 1GB of internet per month, free sms to all portuguese numbers, and free and unlimited apps like facebook messenger, whatsapp, viber, imessage, skype and more! What are you waiting for to get yours and convince your friends to do the same?

Come to our office to get one for FREE and also meet our team! You can also charge your NOS WTF in our office! In order to call to Portugal from abroad, you will have to dial 00, the country code, the city code and then the number. There are public phones that accept coins or phone cards, sold by Portugal Telecom stores, post offices or newsstands.

Portugal’s international code: +351 or 00351

Check your balance and credit: dial *111#

Lisbon’s land line code is 21, Porto is 22, Coimbra is 23, Algarve is 29, Alentejo 27, …

Health and Fire emergency number: 112

Bank Account

Erasmus Life Lisboa offers you the chance of opening a bank account in Activo Bank (a Portuguese bank), completely free of fees! A Portuguese debit banking card allows you to withdraw up to 300€/day from any ATM machine without any fee (which you will have with your home debit/credit card), and you will also be able to charge your WTF SIM card, your Lisboa Viva card on any ATM machine and pay your rent by bank transfer, all of this without any extra fee. Our banking card also provides you with discounts on our trips and events, so come to our office to make yours for FREE! Get your student bank account!

Cost of living

In comparison to other European capitals, Lisbon is a highly affordable place: Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. There are many small restaurants in town where you can have a meal for just 5€ or 6€ which sometimes is even cheaper than buying all your groceries in the supermarket. Museums, historical buildings and transportation companies offer many discounts for students and the good coffee you can get between €0.50 and €0.80 is just a luxury you will not find anywhere else. Every first Sunday of the month and on bank holidays the public museums are free for everyone so this is definitely a good opportunity to do some cultural sightseeing. Check out the list below to have a rough idea of what you can expect to spend during your stay in Lisbon.


Average Amount

Room (per month including bills)

€250 - €400

Studio (per month including bills)

€500 - €600

Supermarket (per month)


Meal in a student canteen


Meal in a budget restaurant


Transportation (monthly pass)


Taxi ride (inside city center)

€5 - €10

Gym (monthly pass)

€20 - €40


€1.00 - €1.50


€5 - €8

Business Hours

  • The majority of stores work from 9am to 7pm with lunch hours between 13h00-15h00. Some do not close over lunch. A lot of street stores close on Saturday afternoons and Sunday is usually the day off. In touristic areas like downtown or Belem, most stores have extended working hours.
  • Biggest shopping centers: Colombo, on Colégio Militar/Luz metro station and Vasco da Gama on Oriente metro station are open from 9am to 12am, 7 days a week and also on holidays.
  • Restaurants have lunch time scheduled from 12pm to 3pm and dinner from 8pm to 11pm. Some turistic restaurants have a more extended timetable.
  • Bars are open from 9pm to 2am. In Bairro Alto, bars close at 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Clubs are open from 12pm to 6am.
  • Banks: 9am to 3pm (from Monday to Friday)
    Activo Bank: (our partner): 9am to 8pm (from Monday to Saturday)

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