Looking for a House or a Room?

Looking for a Room? A Studio? Maybe a House?
Erasmus Life Lisboa - Housing

Probably the first thing you started to worry about was getting a new room. Where to search? In which neighbourhoods of Lisbon? What are reasonable prices? Is internet included? Shared apartment or studio? Single bed or double bed? Window or with balcony? Only girls/boys or mixed? For students or families or with locals? Private or shared bathroom? Book online or visit the place first? Are visitors allowed?


At Erasmus Housing we have a list with over 2,000 rooms all over Lisbon with balconies, double beds or single beds, private bathrooms, small apartments, big Erasmus houses, studio’s, close to the metro or close to the riverside, you name it!
There are already many websites and information online about this, from websites focused on international students to the websites where Portuguese landlords post their announcements and you can contact them directly.
It can be a lot of work to find exactly what you want going through all these websites. Since Lisbon is receiving more and more international students every year it can be quite hard to find a good price/quality for your room or apartment.
And do not forget, many landlords do not speak English and do not list their rooms online so you need to get to know your ways around here.


To be able to help you out with accommodation, Erasmus Life Lisboa has a special team who is dedicated to help you find the room exactly as you wish it to be! We created a huge database with information about landlords and the rooms so that you can use it and find the room that you think will suit you the most. We are doing this process on a student helping approach and you will not pay more for our services. We will be the bridge between you, the landlords and your perfect room.


Our team is there every single day to hear all your wishes, find the room which suits you best and remaining contact with the landlords about brand new rooms so we keep increasing the number of rooms we have to offer. Once you are in Lisbon, come and visit us at Erasmus Corner – the very first thing you must do! Walk in and see our housing team, have a seat and tell them everything that you wish to have in your new room. We have over 2000 rooms listed in our database, different locations in downtown Lisbon or close to the faculties; we offer different prices suitable for everyone’s budget and we offer different types of housing; some are more typical Erasmus party flats and other flats are more relaxing, easy-going and good for the ones who need to study a lot. Also we can give you advice about what would be the best areas in Lisbon to live in case you are having a hard time with this decision!
Basically you do not need to worry about booking your room online, just visit us in Erasmus Corner, have a look at what we offer and schedule some house visits so you can have a first impression before you make your final decision.
During your first days in Lisbon you can stay in one of the many lovely hostels around the city center. Send us your arrival date and we can get you a hostel with a discount so you can start focusing directly on house hunting!



... and one more important thing! Every semester we hear about students that fall to a scam! Read the next article to learn more how to avoid it!


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